Dads, you might have been wondering for a while now where all these 'MOTHER' t-shirts and sweaters keep coming from. Appearing on the school run, in town, the supermarket and on social media, seemingly a part of some mysterious movement that us dads are completely oblivious to. 

Well, said garments are being bought from Selfish Mother, a brilliant blogzine/shop/social gaggle that brings together mums and their parenting stories from all around the world. As an extra bonus, profits go to charities such as Women for Women, Help Refugees UK and Starlight UK. 

Anyway, Molly Gunn; mum, writer and curator of Selfish Mother has decided the time has come to launch another parental hub, but this time it’s the turn of the dads! And the site is called, wait for it…

I’m delighted to say I’ll be contributing to the site along with some other amazing dads. Father Inc, like Selfish Mother, offers a platform for like-minded modern dads to post their trials and tribulations, covering the exciting (slash scary) world of fatherhood. There will also be event information, videos, links to social media plus the opportunity to buy the Father Inc ‘PAPA’ sweaters and tees. Fittingly, profits from these nifty threads go to some great charities such as Prostate Cancer UK. Handily, it’s an unwritten dad rule that every one of us should have a grey sweater in our wardrobes to throw on with anything, so it's a win-win right?

Please check out the site, give Father Inc and the dads a follow on Instagram, buy a sweater, sign up, contribute, be a great dad, bring world peace, etc.

Hope you enjoy reading the site as much as I’m going to enjoy writing for it…

My Father Inc. Profile
My first Father Inc. piece