I’ve been tagged a couple of times recently on Instagram to reveal a little more about myself. One was from lovely @louise_lavendersblue who asked me 10 Things That Make Me Happy, the other was from everyone's favourite Dane (except for John Jensen), @mielaerkerasmussen who asked for 10 Things About Me.

Now, rather than make it look like my head is swelling and post two different photos with accompanying detail on Instagram, I thought it would be easier to write it all down as a quick blog.

So here goes…

10 Things That Make Me Happy:

1.    Our dogs, Bella and Blue – both are rescues (well sort of). Blue came from a greyhound rescue as a puppy and I saved Bella from some weird family who didn’t want her anymore – how could anyone not want that face in their lives?!
2.    Edie, Arlo and George. Not to get too soppy or anything, but they are pretty swell.
3.    Singing the Lion King soundtrack in the car at the top of our voices.
4.    Three points for Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (incredibly rare these days).
5.    Exploring: new walks, new towns, new pubs etc.
6.    Christmas: the excitement, the food, the booze, the never-ending Quality Street, the decorating, the tradition, seeing everyone so jolly, watching Home Alone, Elf and the legend that is Bill Murray in Scrooged.
7.    Interior magazines/websites. We’re moving into our lovely big family home soon so I’m currently obsessed with how we’re going to decorate and furnish it.
8.    A good pair of slippers (check out Mahabis)
9.    An early start so I can get things done, thus giving me more more time with…
10.    Edie, Arlo, George and the dogs (I can count them twice can't I?)

10 Things About Me:

1.    I’m 35.
2.    I’m originally from a small village outside Colchester in Essex. I moved to London in my twenties and then Windsor about four years ago.
3.    I met my wife Georgia on mysinglefriend.com - that was the most important email I’ve ever sent.
4.    I won the District Sports 100m Skipping race when I was 11. If only skipping was an Olympic event… 
5.    Despite my skipping capabilities, I only ever wanted to be a footballer and actually believed until I was about 16 I’d make it.
6.    When that didn’t happen I ended up working in the City, but thankfully I gave that up a few years ago to get a wonderful job in education.
7.    I’m a vegetarian and have been pretty much all my life. I hate people asking me about being a vegetarian - you eat meat, I don’t. I don’t want animals killed. End of.
8.    I have two sisters; Sarah is my older sister and Georgia is younger. Confusingly, Georgia has the same name as my wife… always have to double check who those lovey-dovey messages are going to…
9.    I’m going a bit deaf.

Cheerio. I'm off to put my slippers on and eat some Quorn sausages.