Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love dogs - I have two of the poo machines to prove it! As a parent, despite dreaming of every last food crumb filling Edie's and Arlo's tummies, that simply doesn't happen. That means, there are always bits of food waiting to be scraped into the bin, or better still (for two cadging hounds anyway), scraped into the dog bowls.

Now, having had dogs all my life, I know about the main foods they can't eat - chocolate, grapes and pizza (because any spare pizza has my name on it). But did you know they shouldn't eat mushrooms or avocados for example? So, as one responsible parent of humans and dogs, to anyone else out there who spends their life clearing baby and dog poo, have a look at the graphic from to find out all the things our four-legged kids shouldn't be eating... Hope it helps.