Daddilife founder, Han-Son (which is pretty much Han Solo) recently got in touch and asked if I had any quotes that I abide by as I bring up Edie and Arlo. Now I’m never going to turn down an offer from a galactic smuggler, so I began to rack my brains. 

Admittedly, I couldn't reel off many inspirational quotes right away. I blame those countless (and apparently) inspirational Instagram memes for frying my brain, but there’s one that I happened to read in a book (yes, a book!) a couple of weeks ago from Oscar Wilde that resonated with my child raising beliefs. 

Here’s the piece on DaddiLife:

Four-years into being a dad now, and it's perfectly clear to me; happy kids are good kids. More important than anything is to ensure their life is full of fun, laughter and joy. Get that right and everything else will follow...