Remember when the whole Christmas jumper thing started slowly taking off a few years ago? It was like an underground movement, a cult of those who wanted a team kit for their Christmas drinks, or to raise a few laughs over the inevitable burnt turkey on the 25th. When the resulting photos hit MySpace and early-days-Facebook the next morning, more and more people recognised that such untrendy tomfoolery brought an extra level of Christmas cheer. But back then, your best chances of sourcing a seasonal sweater was through a charity shop find or asking your Aunt Mavis to knit you one from scratch. Fast forward to now, and Christmas jumpers are everywhere – you can’t move for flashing Rudolph noses emblazoned across a dodgy static-hair-causing ‘wool mix’ in the shops. Adults are wearing them, kids are wearing them, and even dogs!

Christmas jumpers have got so big, that this year, I’ve looked elsewhere for my kids’ festive fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I love the togetherness the jumpers bring, plus wearing them is a great way to raise money for charity, it’s just this year, I’ve sourced alternative items that can still bring just as much seasonal silliness, but this time, with a personal touch.


Stuck on You print personalised items in various styles, which offer a fun but a little subtler way to join in the apparent apparel requirements for this time of year.


There’s babygrows, vests, bibs, hats and much more, but I’ve gone for the personalised tees. There were a few designs to chose from such as glittery Christmas trees and Rudolphs, but I plumped for the Naughty/Nice/I Tried tees, with a big tick in ‘I tried’ for both Edie and Arlo. The tee is fun, not over the top, and what I liked most, is it suits both Edie’s and Arlo’s personalities. They’re never good all the time (find me child who is!), nor are they bad, but they do try to be good now and again, especially when I tell them Santa’s elves are watching!

The t-shirt quality is good, the prints are clear and the fit is perfect. They’re both very happy with their new festive fashion, despite it being unclear if they’ve been good enough for a visit from the big guy this Christmas.

As I said, there’s loads to chose from on the Stuck on You site, and if it’s not personalised clothing you’re after, there’s Santa sacks, mugs, jigsaws and decorations that are ready to be adorned with your child’s name…

So this Christmas if you’re after something that’s a little different, a lot more personal and something that’s not going to cause crazy static hair every time it’s taken off, I can highly recommend something from Stuck on You

Even Kevin McCallister was shocked at how good the tees are…

Even Kevin McCallister was shocked at how good the tees are…