It was 11.50pm on February 13th 2012 when Georgia, my then-girlfriend, now wife, walked through the door into our London flat having just returned from covering New York Fashion Week for work. Tired and exhausted after a gruelling few days, she was desperate for the comfort and familiarity of our bed, but we both suspected/hoped there could be another explanation for her acute fatigue…

So before a visit to the land of nod, there was one thing to do… take a pregnancy test.

We’d been trying for a couple of months and things were looking promising so after a very large glass of water we waited for nature to takes its course.

In the ten minutes or so that passed, we’d crept into 14th February; Valentine’s Day and my 31st birthday. Now I’m no old romantic or really that into birthdays but perhaps the stars were aligned that night – George was pregnant!

The rest of the night was a fuzziness of excitement, panic, joy, worry and insomnia as I moved around our flat trying to sleep. The nine months that then followed took much the same course with the nerves thankfully a little controlled by an endless ensemble of lists, spreadsheets and baby books.

In October 2012 our daughter, Edie Madeleine Day was born and my life and happiness was taken to a new level.

Nearly three years have passed now and Edie has thrown everything that those books and spreadsheets detailed at us. Those early months of sleepless nights, exploding nappies, worrying rashes, and cosy cuddles, to the sleep training, a conveyer-belt of sterilised bottles, crawling, holidays, leaving her to a nanny (sad face), to her then walking, talking, starting nursery and growing from a small baby who needed everything doing for her, to what she is now – an incredibly strong minded beautiful girl who thinks she can take on the world (until she comes across a rowdy child at soft play or an erratic wasp)…

Baby number two is due in November and I really can’t wait, but thankfully this time around there are no incessant lists or bouts of insomnia (mainly because I’m so darn tired all the time from looking after Edie) but that doesn’t mean I think it’s going to be a breeze. Yes I’ve done it once before but I’m certainly no dad-guru. I hope though that I can lend to at least one person what I’ve learnt first time round and what I’m going to learn in the coming months through my mutterings here.

Being a dad is the most incredible experience and every day is filled with enormous love and pride and I hope I convey through my experiences just how wonderful it is. With my life set to change again with our new arrival in November, life and my happiness will once again reach a new level…