‘Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes’, goes the famous saying, but I’d throw another certainty into that inevitability ring, and that’s the lack of sleep when you have kids.

We all know about the nights that seemingly never end with new-borns, sound-tracked by News 24’s jingle at 3am, but it doesn’t stop when babies turn to toddlers or toddlers grow to become small children. In my experience, if anything, it gets worse. With babies you know it’s going to happen. You know each night is going to be long, stressful and exhausting, but because you know it’s coming, you can plan for it by going to bed early (6pm was considered a late night in our house), take it in turns to do night feeds, change nappies etc or slowly replace the blood in your system with copious amounts of coffee. But with toddlers and children, when they have a bad night it’s like getting punched in the face with ‘ha ha’ tattooed across the knuckles. These kids can talk, so when they demand you sleep on their floor, you darn well sleep on their floor. When they wake you up two minutes after you’ve finally drifted off, to tell you there’s a dragon eating custard from their unicorn slippers in their bedroom, you go up and help settle them again (and just ensure there are no dragons – can never be too sure). The problem with such disruptions to sleep, is that they come when you least expect them. Finally, after a few nights of uninterrupted rest, you let your guard down and revert back to a more reasonable 20 cups of coffee a day, but are then rudely awaken and your body can’t quite cope with the shock, thus ensuring the day is a blur of semi-consciousness.

So, with two kids who get us up at least two or three times per week, I’ll take any help I can get. Our bed has always been one of my favourite places in our home – not like that, did you not just read how knackered I am? After a day on my knees playing with train tracks and being used as a moving climbing frame, I just want to get horizontal! But to be honest, our bed hasn’t actually ever been that comfortable. We actually accepted a brand new mattress from a neighbour a couple of years who had somehow ended up with one he didn’t need. Me being me, I looked it up online, saw it was pretty pricey and assumed it would be more comfortable than our old one. It wasn’t. But with our previous one long gone, we were stuck with it.

So, when I was recently offered the opportunity to receive a new Simba Sleep Hybrid mattress, I jumped (not literally, remember I’m knackered) at the opportunity. It was delivered in a waist-high box that threw me a little, surely it was too small? Nope. Brilliantly, the mattress was compressed (the mind boggles), so there were no Chuckle Brother ‘to me, to you’ moments that would have knocked over the hallway lamp and probably squashed a cat. Out of the box and freed from its packaging, the mattress laid there on our bed, smelling of freshness whilst slowly expanding to its full dimensions. And then, the moment of truth; fresh sheets and an early night. Oh my god it was good. No, not in that way you – jeez, what is it with you? This was comfort I hadn’t experienced in a long, long time, and with the mattress containing 2500 conical pocket springs and memory foam, it would only get better. Now we just needed a hand from the sleep Gods to ensure the kids slept through – and what do you know? They did! Ok, my son woke us up the next night, but at least when I returned to my blissful bed at 4am, I was back in the land of nod quicker than you can say ‘affiliate scheme’.

For any parents, and non-parents (we all dodgy nights, can’t we?), you can’t really go wrong with one of these mattresses. If you’re thinking about changing yours, you can get £75 off by following this link and because I’m part of their affiliate scheme (now, you get the line above), I can earn a little pocket money too – I've got my eye on a lovely set of earplugs.