I love Instagram. I find the Insta community to be a lot more engaging, supportive and loyal than any other social platform. For me, Facebook is now just a place for my mum and her friends to talk about their Wednesday night Rock Choir, and Twitter just seems to be: yeah you have 10,000 followers and you’re following 10,000 back, but let’s face it, you’ve probably all muted each other’s feeds. Instagram on the other hand can’t be muted or hidden – if you don’t like it, simply unfollow. So if you do follow someone, it’s probably because you genuinely like their photos and enjoy having a nose (stalk) around their lives. (That is, unless you’re one of those tedious Instagrammers who follow for a day or so to get a follow back, then almost instantly unfollow – Christ, I’m almost 40, I haven’t got time for such crap!)


As it’s Friday, I thought I’d mention four #Instadad accounts I love and who are well worthy of a #followfriday… Is Follow Friday still a thing? Hmm, not sure, but I'm doing it anyway...

Now, everyone already knows about the two or three big hitting Instadads out there who have more followers than Jesus, but here are four more I love to follow (stalk):

@thommcox (aka Unlikely Dad). Tom’s feed is full of genuine, joyful shots of his adopted son, his husband and the enormous fun they all have together, plus he doesn’t take himself too seriously with his captions. Tom’s blog is great too and he’s now deservedly getting good coverage across other Instagram accounts, blogs, brands and even the radio. 

IMAGE:  @thommcox

IMAGE: @thommcox

@father_in_the_country (aka Patrick). It does exactly what it says on the tin – a lovely feed of his beautiful family’s life in the countryside. Patrick is the dashingly handsome husband to Georgia (great name btw) and dad to lovely baby Ida. Just looking at his feed (and Georgia’s) make my lungs instantly feel full of crisp, clean country air!

@ciskoskids (aka Frank). I love Frank’s feed because it doesn’t reek of over-the-top Insta-perfect life. As far as I can see, there’s no USP and there’s no staging to any of his shots. Instead, we just see his life as dad to two lovely boys simply looking very happy. For his sins, he’s a Liverpool fan (2-1 ha ha!) but we’ll let that one slide.

IMAGE:  @ciskoskids

IMAGE: @ciskoskids

@father_of_the_birds (aka Colin). The perfect mix of photos that one minute display Insta-perfect life with children, but then also merrily highlight the reality of dirty laundry, explosive bottoms and the never-ending tsunami of toys. 

There are many, many more Instagram dad accounts that I really enjoy following, but you know, the weekend is upon us and time is of the essence! That beer won't drink itself!

Happy Friday!