Did you know that one in ten of us Brits don’t stick to New Year’s resolutions beyond January? It’s so easy for it to happen isn’t it? With cold and dreary nights, that run around the slippery streets isn’t very appealing is it? With nothing on the TV, who can really put their phones down more? When life gets so busy and time is so precious, are those yoga classes going to see us struggling with a downward dog more than that one introductory class? It’s tough, it really is.

I’ve set myself some goals for 2019, some of them should be very achievable, some are a little bigger. I’m aiming to:

·         Not buy one plastic bottle or one throwaway coffee cup (doing well)

·         Not drink alcohol Monday to Thursday (been a real struggle!)

·         Not use phones on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, known as ‘Turn off Tuesday/Thursday’ (a lot harder than it sounds)

·         Get my book published (with kids and work, I just can’t find the time)

·         Do more work around mental health (again, time)


When Honda UK invited me to meet ‘life coach to the stars’, Sloan Sheridan-Williams, I accepted, knowing a little guidance might help me see my goals for 2019 with more purpose and in a different light. Honda have teamed up with Sloan to help people take a different route in 2019 because research shows that for nearly a quarter of us, time spent in the car is a great place to think about our lives and our goals. I couldn’t agree more; I often find myself sat in traffic or driving along a mundane motorway thinking about mind-boggling book ideas that might see me become the next JK Rowling, or at the other end of the life-evaluation spectrum, worrying about finances, the kids, work and much, much more.

Arriving at the Honda showroom in Chiswick, I was greeted by Sloan and was immediately impressed by her confidence and warmed by her friendly nature (she described herself to me as ‘someone who does hugs’). We moved into a private space and begun to explore my aims for 2019 and I found myself nodding along to her sound advice. Hearing insight from another person, especially someone who provides such help on a professional basis, gave some validation to my goals and how I can achieve them, but also hopefully gave me that little nudge required to put certain practices in place. For me to achieve my goals, Sloan used the brilliantly on brand acronym to help reach my resolutions for 2019:

H – Happiness – concentrate on goals that make me happy.

O – obstacles – find solutions to the obstacles that are getting in the way of achieving goals.

N – Networking – in my line of work, it’s important for me to meet lots of people and expand my bank of contacts.

D – Decision Making – ensure my decisions are the best ones to achieve my goals and don’t dwell on decisions that I might have made in the past that are no longer relevant.

A – Action Points – make lists each day and achieve as many action points but splitting my time into short blocks.

Although our time together was brief, Sloan made a lot of valid points and made a big impression on me. I left feeling like I can go into the rest of the year with my mindset realigned.


After our life session, I took to the road in Honda’s sportiest Civic yet. The new slick design brings the car up to date and also benefits from a surprisingly large interior.

As I made my way past Chiswick’s beautiful period townhouses, I took the opportunity to test the multiple inbuilt gadgets and gizmos that come as standard, such as the media centre and sat nav – everything was easy to navigate and flowed easily from menu to menu. The drive itself was pleasantly smooth, despite the car’s relatively low sports-like position – I was expecting to feel the effect of London’s speed bumps and potholes a little more. On a busy day with streets filled with buses, other cars and delivery drivers blocking half the roads, I was able to easily navigate my way through the tightest of spaces. Once away from the residential area, I then experienced the turbocharged power for the first time as got the opportunity to put my foot down a little upon reaching the dual-carriageway. I was really impressed with the way the car shifted effortlessly from stationary to a gentle glide that rolled smoothly over the tarmac.

Here’s hoping 2019 can be just as smooth…