My life is dictated by lists. Things to do with the kids, outstanding blogs and reviews, things to buy, jobs that need doing round the house, my Desert Island Disks, potential England World Cup squads... you get the idea, I love a good list, and without them my life with two children, a full on job and busy social calendar can become a complicated chaos.

Now, I know smartphones have note apps, reminders and other useful tools, but when it comes to being an on the go dad, plus a busy blogger, I need something that’s tangible to help keep me organised. Whether I'm planning my spare time, sketching DIY ideas/failures or brainstorming pieces for brands, I'm the kind of guy, who despite a love for technology, needs good old, tried and tested pen and paper to stay on top of things.

To be able to see a list in front of me and to then mark through it with a satisfying line once it’s been achieved, brings a sense of accomplishment when a day might have otherwise felt lost to social media or CBeebies.

I've recently been using two notebooks from Say Nice Things @sntstationery which are quickly being filled with said satisfying lines. Both are a classic design with a contemporary and unassuming quality. The covers display subtle detail and individual personality (one of mine has a cool bike theme for example, perfect for the Bradley Wiggins in your life). Inside, there’s nothing too radical, but it’s a notebook, it doesn’t need to be radical - let's leave the fat bewildering filofaxes to Del Boy. Simple additions such as a rear wallet for loose tickets, photos or research is useful in one of my notebooks, whilst an index also allows for coordinating project work, planning that next bestselling novel or detailing the kids' meal plans. 

The notebooks are smart and uncomplicated, just what I need for my chaos avoiding lists!

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