Do you want to be a (hashtag) InstaDad? Sure you do.

Here’s my five-step guide to turn yourself from just a boring old dad on Instagram, to a fully-blown InstaDad.

1.       Uniform: Get yourself a slogan sweatshirt, preferably grey – I recommend The FMLY Store. Combine with some jeans that you'd mow the lawn in and ensure they're rolled to reveal a little bit of your whacky socks. Complete the InstaDad look with some bulky and unsightly trainers your own father would have worn to play squash back in the ‘80s.

2.       Connect: Search the hashtags #InstaDad #Dadtribe or #Ad to find likeminded father-folk. Also, ensure you have 'dad', 'daddy', 'father' or 'papa' somewhere in your handle to PROVE you are actually a dad.

3.       Captions: Use the beer emoji. A lot. We’re dads, we like beer, it’s as certain as death and taxes. Even if you're drinking a green juice on a Friday night, make the world think you're drinking beer 🍻. Boomerangs are your friend.

4.       Photography: master the art of taking a photo of your children but always include at least half your face in said photos. This is about you, not those ruddy kids.

5.       Be prepared and be original: ensure you’re ready for any eventuality that might be worth a photo. Child covered in yoghurt? Gold dust. Grab the SLR (smartphone will not suffice) and load to Instagram ASAP – this has never happened before.

An extra tip: have twins. Or triplets. Or better still, quadruplets. Guaranteed InstaDad fame 😉.

You're welcome.

I hope that helps. If you need any further clarification, join me on Instagram at @adayinthelifedad where you can see all the above in action.

instadad wall.jpg