Well, we’ve gone and screwed that right up, haven’t we? Everything us Brits apparently stood for; compassion, alliance, togetherness, liberalisation and freedom; all gone, just like that, with a load of blinkered ‘Xs’ in a ballot box. For years we’ve been strong and secure as part of a powerful assembly of like-minded nations, only to now turn our narrow-minded back on such strength and unity.

Today, Friday 24th June 2016, we’ve woken to the news that the British public have voted for the UK to leave the EU. I feel saddened by this news, shocked at our public’s stupidity and nervous about the future, but more specifically, especially as a father, nervous about our children’s future. Before I go on, I don’t claim to know too much about politics (who really does?), but what I would say is that I can think rationally about our country’s future when it comes to common sense issues and not be swayed by spin or blatant lies. And that future looks rather bleak now.

We’ve had countless experts telling us that leaving the EU would be a dire result for the UK, but here we are, with a result so shocking, it’s obvious that so many people seemingly dismissed such warnings. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the whole thing:

THE ECONOMY - this is the first obvious change. The pound is already at its lowest since 1985 because of the Leave Vote and things will surely get worse. A lot of the people who voted to leave will have bemoaned the budget cuts this Tory government have made, but I’m guessing they’ve confused these cuts with party politics. Now, because of the exit and the financial mess the pound and stock markets will face in the coming months (if not immediately), further budget cuts will have to be made – whoever the government is. The money to keep this country going has to come from somewhere right? Another huge impact will be the expected rise in interest rates and taxes. We might see a short term fall in interest rates to offset the anticipated economic worry, but they'll have to be increased at some point. We’ve been blessed to enjoy such low interest rates for years now, but the Bank of England will surely have to introduce increases in the coming months. Who knows what they could raise it to, but mortgages will increase, as will loans and other financial agreements. Suddenly, you might need to find an extra £500 per month to pay for your mortgage – where’s that going to come from? I saw on my Facebook page some idiot said mortgage increases wouldn’t affect him as he rents his house… pure idiocy. I’m no Mystic Meg but I’m guessing his landlord will have a mortgage on the property, so will therefore need to raise the rent to pay for the mortgage increase. Our financial sector is one of our biggest exports, I can’t really see this being the case for much longer with this result. Countless financial institutions such as the Bank of England, the Treasury and the EMC clearly stated that an exit would be a mistake for the UK – did the people who voted for an exit just ignore such adept knowledge? Perhaps they thought, ‘oh, well I don’t work in a bank so it doesn’t affect me’ – wrong, it does. The work that the banks do have the biggest impact on the cost of living. Also, there’s still this hard-to-forget blame laid at the feet of the bankers for the crash a few years ago. Yep, they wiped off 8% of the value of our markets because of their irresponsible decision making, but a stat I saw this morning predicts that this stupidity from these irresponsible Leave Voters will wipe 10% of our markets. £120bn has already been wiped off the FTSE this morning – the Leave Voters who may be ill-informed might not understand the implications of this, but it’s huge. Our top 100 companies have just seen billions wiped off their value. How are they going to cope with such losses – they’ll cut jobs and raise the cost of their services. Be prepared for another recession and financial crash people and all this is before I’ve even mentioned the other basic costs of living that will inevitably rise – food, fuel, holidays and foreign goods. And then there’s the pensions to think about! Christ, we’re buggered!

TWO YEARS TO EXIT – I don’t believe the message has been received by many out there; it’s going to take around two years to exit the EU. I think people assumed they’d wake this morning and would immediately find our once great nation out of the EU, apparently £350m better off each week. We can’t just walk away from such a deal. So for two years, we’ll still be paying £350m per week as membership, we’ll have to negotiate a leave deal (which will no doubt cost millions/billions) and in that time, our (previously close) allies will be drawing up plans of how they want to charge us to continue to trade. Plus, in two years’ time when we’re actually out of the EU and our country is on its knees, we can’t just beg to be let back in. That’s it, we’re out. If we want back in, our pleas will be laughed out of Brussels.

£350M PER WEEK, NOT GOING TO THE NHS this propaganda and the limit to immigration was the Leave Campaign’s biggest pull to the Out Voters. Already this morning, Nigel Farage has said that this statement isn’t entirely accurate! Unbelievable! So, we’re now going to leave the EU on the back of some appalling lies and our beloved NHS has once again become the unfortunate pawn.

IMMIGRATION WON'T FALL – like the £350m lie, already this morning Daniel Hannan from the Leave Campaign has said that such a statement wasn’t entirely accurate and immigration won’t in fact fall. Plus, I would suggest, that even if that is the case, in the two years before we can exit the EU, there will be a sudden surge in immigration because foreigners will believe they have a time limit to get into the UK.

DAVID CAMERON - as a result of all this, our Prime Minister has resigned. Now, I don’t like the guy, I don’t like the Tories, but I think he was quite a strong leader (if you forget about the pig shagging). In his time, our economy has steadily been recovering and he negotiated a new deal with the EU, but all that will now be undone. No doubt we’ll now have a general election and face months of more political bickering, as buffoons such as Boris and Gove try and step up to the empty Tory hot-seat that they’ve deceitfully created.

THE BREAK-UP OF THE UK - Scotland voted to remain and will no doubt now seek its own referendum to leave the UK (again). Why, and rightfully so, should they be let down by our English ignorance? Northern Ireland will no doubt be considering its future too. After all, the land border to the EU will now be on their soil, so will they see a sudden increase in immigration from foreigners seeking Eire as their route in? If they leave, that leaves just England and Wales. As the UK, our small island was the 5th biggest economy in the world. We can surely wave goodbye to those formidable days of such financial clout.

THE LEAVE VOTERS - according to the polls, the leave voters were mostly the over-65s and people from deprived areas who don’t usually vote. The over-65s vote is an incredibly selfish one, as let’s be blunt, they won’t have to face the consequences of the exit as they’ll be long gone when our children are struggling for work in a failed economy that’s long been overlooked by the rest of Europe. The people who don’t usually vote and apparently come from deprived backgrounds might be basing their vote on the issue of immigration. They see a Polish guy or an Iraqi working in their neighbourhood and are angry that they’re apparently stealing the jobs they feel they have an entitlement to. Nooooo! These immigrants are the ones who are willing to work and not sit on their arses all day watching Jeremy Kyle. They’ll work as nurses, doctors, cleaners, fruit pickers, bin men, labourers etc, anything in fact, as they’re proud people who would rather have a job than feel they have a right to benefits that others are paying for. I’m guessing also, that if such basics of life can’t be grasped, then the warnings in the media from the huge financial institutions just weren’t understood either. The threat to interest rates and financial markets might not be as easy to relate to as the immigration (but let’s be frank, racist) card the Leave Campaign have been hammering home.

SUMMING UP - I, like most of the people I know didn’t believe this could actually happen. A once great nation who embraced a liberal and welcoming way of life (after all, our great city of London was built by immigrants) has cut its ties from a solidarity shared with other great nations. Our economy and the power we have always possessed amongst the world’s elite is a position that has never really allied to our geographic size, but now, I can only see a depressing future where we may become the small isolated island we’ve sadly set ourselves up to be. Of course I pray I’m wrong and I hope that some of the awful predictions for this country don’t materialise - the consequences don’t bear thinking about. This referendum should never have happened, not a decision of this magnitude, where the voting public clearly don’t understand the implications. I’m not sure who to blame. I just feel sorry for our children.