When I think of the word ‘adventure’, I immediately think of something that involves my children, and more often than not, being outdoors. Growing up in the countryside I’ve always loved the outdoors and thankfully my kids do too. As a father, I want them to be as adventurous and intrepid as possible and hopefully see that there’s more to life than the sofa and kids’ TV.

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So, when Burts Chips asked me to think about how I’d spend £1000 on a Dadventure, I knew it had to be something we could all do, something that would get us exploring England’s green and pleasant land but with an added level of excitement (and maybe even a bit of luxury thrown in). Sure, as a hands-on dad I could take the money and jump on a budget flight for a wild weekend away with a couple of mates to Amsterdam, but realistically I’d prefer the kids, my wife and a bit of mud to be involved; I’d only be FaceTiming them every ten minutes anyway (which might get a little awkward if said wild weekend in Amsterdam took us the scenic route via a few of those rather exotic shop fronts).

Whether we’re out on a dog walk, messing about at the local swings or educating ourselves in London’s museums, I throw myself into everything my children do, and try and ensure they have fun and are experiencing all the excitement life can offer. I have a similar attitude towards my own adventures when I’m not with the kids; I’ll give anything a go, whether it be trying out a new weekend walk (with a good pub at the end of it, mind), cycling or the odd bit of climbing thrown in for good measure.


With all that in mind, and despite the (ever-so-slight) temptation to relive the hedonistic days pre-fatherhood in a wild European city, I think my new-found wealth would have to be spent on a countryside glamping getaway where our lungs can be filled with Mother Nature’s finest air, we can wrap up warm for long walks, give rock climbing a go, toast marshmallows, count the stars, build brilliant dens and (perhaps most importantly) find cosy pubs warmed by log fires. An adventure like that would be perfect for my children because like me, they thrive in such environments (and they love marshmallows). As well as being a great way to become at one with nature, since becoming a father I’ve appreciated the importance of great outdoors and what it can offer in terms of clarity and headspace even more than I used to; pretty crucial when life can be a chaotic labyrinth of school runs, ballet classes and papier-mâché projects.


So, there you have it, my Dadventure. A long weekend away, surrounded by the great outdoors, plenty of adventure and things to discover, and my family by my side (oh, and comfy bed wouldn’t go amiss).

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Also, check out the video I made for Burts below...