Over breakfast this morning and upon checking my Twitter account, I promptly spat out the chocolate Alphabites I was pilfering from Edie … the milky mess was worth it though, as I’m delighted to say I’m a finalist in three categories in the MAD (Mums and Dads) Blog Awards 2016! I can’t quite believe it (and nor can our rug - ooh, the mess).

Thank you to everyone who nominated me, but now the serious bit… I need you to vote for me to win!

I’m a finalist in:

Best Baby Blog
Best New Blog
Best Writer

Every single finalist is a great blogger and importantly a great parent so I’m happy to be measured alongside such good company. I just hope my blogs, my photos, my children’s smiles and the £5 I intend to give to each and every one of you for voting* will encourage you to spare 2 minutes of your time to vote for A Day In The Life.

You can vote here or by clicking the banner below:

Thanks so, so much.


*this may or may not happen