Christmas is creeping up on us, faster than you can say ‘where has the year gone?’, so it’s time to get organised. Shopping a little earlier is a great way to spread costs before the inevitable chaos of Christmas whallops us all round the head like a stocking of satsumas. There’s lots to do and buy, and that might include party outfits...

I’ve been considering different menswear for the occasions over the Christmas period that require a little more effort than a jumper emblazoned with a flashing Rudolph nose. Below I’ve detailed a range of men’s partywear ideas to hopefully inspire you and get you in the mood for shopping in the Black Friday sales. It’s a great way to save money and ensure you look your best, whether you’re dashing off to a festive feast or a prim and proper party.

For a formal occasion, look no further than a trusty tuxedo. If you’re heading to a formal do, a tuxedo is a great option. Their classic look will always serve you well and are a main-stay of any black tie event.

If things are a little more relaxed, a three-piece suit could be the way to go. A three-piece suit give you the chance to arrive looking smart, but give you the option to let your hair down later in the evening as you dance the night away in your waistcoat or shirt. The other advantage of this look, is that it will keep you just that little bit warmer when arriving and leaving during these frosty few weeks.


Adding an overcoat to your shopping list is essential if you’re going to be on foot for a considerable time going to or leaving a party. Buying a classic cut will ensure you can wear it for many years to come, plus an overcoat can also compliment other more casual looks.

Smart casual is always a safe bet for these seasonal shindigs. Combining a pair of jeans with a well-fitted shirt, and possibly a blazer (dependent on the vibe) gives you the best of both worlds…

Don’t forget to accessorise

It does not matter what you wear, it’s always well worth finishing your outfit with good quality accessories. A belt, a stylish watch or a tie (if required), are all important elements of a party outfit.

Non-slip soles can be essential in winter. It is also a good idea to avoid anything with very thin soles especially if you’re going to be standing around outside for a while. Of course, you can compensate by wearing innersoles and thicker socks, but if you do decide to do that, perhaps consider buying shoes that are half a size bigger than what you’d normally wear.

This year brown shoes are very on trend, they look great with jeans or chinos, but if it’s a very formal event, you might be safer to stick to black.

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