My hair (what’s left of it) is pretty important to me. I’ve spent much of my adult life searching for the holy grail of men’s grooming products - a decent clay or wax that will style my hair with minimal fuss and that doesn’t leave me looking like a newborn calf that's been smeared in gooey innards. Although in the last couple of years I’ve found a couple of things that I’m pretty happy with, the quest for that elusive product never ends, so I’m always open to trying new stuff.

Fairly soon after I had embarked on my blogging journey, I was asked by a PR agency if I’d like to review some of their hair products. Great I thought; I might look stupid with my bouffant quiff, but I’m not stupid enough to turn down a freebie (you should see my haul of IKEA pencils). I should add that I’ve lost the all-important press releases that were enclosed with the products, but, in a way that might be a good thing because it means I can’t bamboozle you with an ingredient list of random tropical extracts or pretend to know what they are or what they do. Read on to find out what I thought…

Osmo Fibre Sculpt

My first experience with this product wasn’t remarkable (but do read on!). I applied what I thought was a standard amount of product onto my fingers and then rubbed my hands together. As I ran my fingers through my hair I was instantly surprised by how sticky and immovable my hair felt - not what I was expecting or what I was used to and not really what I look for in a hair product. BUT…! Determined to give it a fair shot, I tried it again a few days later, having learnt my sticky lesson and instead used the tiniest amount in my hands. I styled my hair slowly, pulling bits out here and there (it's a very technical process, my hair styling technique) and voilà - it looked pretty snazzy. Having used it for a while now I can say that it really is all down to the amount you use - just a smidge is enough to ensure restyling through the day is pretty straightforward and thankfully my hair doesn't feel weighed down or full of gunk (a technical word, I believe, in the hair care industry...).  My wife even commented that my hair looked good and she hasn’t done that since she wanted some Zara vouchers a year ago… Lesson learnt - if you want an easy, everyday, sort-of-defined-but-not-too-defined look, then a little really does go a long way with this stuff. Smells nice too.

Osmo Pomade Hold

This product leaves a shiny, more stylised finish that's more suited to much shorter hair than I've got (I'm thinking someone seeking a slick, neat look that could pass just as well in army as it would on the trading floor). It’s not really relevant to my hair style or the look I’m after, but I can appreciate that on the right barnet this would work well. Smells nice too.

Joico K-Pak

Apparently this stuff rebuilds and improves the structure of hair (or so says the bottle). I’ll give anything a whirl if it stops me from ever having to resort to a Donald Trump comb-over, so I dived straight into this. As I imagine heavy-duty hair work of this kind takes a while to kick in, it's too early to say if my last few locks are being rebuilt exactly, but I’m happy to carry on using it until I find out. Smells nice too.

O&M Know Knott

Conditioning detangler… hmm, until the Joico K-Pak starts working its miracles and gives me a head of hair like Jon Snow (I'm talking Game of Thrones here, not C4 news), I don’t think I have enough hair to actually detangle, but I gave it a go anyway. The bottle states it uses natural ingredients, none of which I’ve heard of, but so far I can safely say that when I have used it my hair feels perfectly untangled. So, Jon Snow, if you're reading this.... Have I mentioned it smells nice too?

There you go. An honest, unbiased review which I hope helps if you're in the market for some new products. I might not know what exotic ingredients fill these products or even how to pronounce the names of some of them (partly because I lost the press release) but I know how I want my hair to look and one or two of these have definitely found their way into my hair care arsenal. I also know what smells nice too.

[Disclaimer: Although the products were sent to me, I wasn't paid for this review and all opinions are completely my own].