Review of the BIC #5 razor and Shave Club for DaddiLife…

I’d love to wet shave more often than I do, but because a decent razor and some blades can sometimes require a re-mortgage, plus the fact I’m often left with an irritable shaving rash, more often than not, you can find me with a bit of face fuzz. But when I was asked to try the new BIC #5 razor, I was intrigued and wanted to know more – could this be the razor that leaves me looking and feeling smooth, whilst also not leaving me out of pocket?

Upon receiving the razor, I was interested to see that it forms part of a membership scheme known as the ‘Shave Club’, which appears to be much more affordable than buying razors regularly from the supermarket. Also, the box it’s delivered in is designed to ensure the razor and blades are packaged for transit with minimal fuss and wastage, whilst ensuring they won’t be damaged, but here’s the best bit, the box is small enough to fit through a letterbox – no unnecessary ‘sorry we missed you’ card – god I hate those, almost as much as I hate that irritable shaving rash I mentioned.


The shave itself was absolutely fine; smooth, very close and simple, and thankfully didn’t leave my skin looking like it’d been hacked at by a blunt machete as some razors do. The razor itself had a modern design, plus it’s innovative precision blade that’s hidden behind the regular five blades is perfect for those areas that require a little more time and intricacy, such as under the nose and around the mouth. I’m happy to report that 24 hours later, my skin was still feeling incredibly smooth (so much so I wondered if my facial hair would ever grow back), evidence of how close it got, and there was no sign of any irritated skin. 

Another simple yet helpful detail of the Shave Club, is that it allows members to dictate the frequency and quantity of deliveries online. Alongside the intelligent packaging, this feature of the club demonstrates the club has been developed with the modern man in mind – a man on the go, who shops online, and doesn’t want to spend half his evening queuing at the local sorting office for a failed delivery! 

If you'd like to lose the stubble but not lose your earnings, take a look at the BIC Shave Club HERE or by clicking the link below:

Take a look at the video DaddiLIfe has put together featuring Phil (Corporate Dad), David (Dad v World) and me, all putting the razor through it's paces: