Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love dogs. I grew up in the countryside where days would be lost walking our dogs around endless fields, and as soon as I left home at 19, I surrounded myself once more with fluffy cuteness, by getting two dogs of my own. I think having dogs has taught me a number of important life skills (respect, patience, loyalty, kindness and friendship to name but a few) which I applied at various stages of my youth, and am still applying now as a parent.

My children are incredibly lucky to be growing up with two amazing dogs in Bella and Blue. On a daily basis I see them demonstrate a genuine love and kindness towards the dogs, much the same as what I experienced when I was young. Edie and Arlo respect the dogs and know when to give them their space, but equally know they can snuggle up for the softest of cuddles. But, what I love most, is that the lessons learnt from growing up with dogs, such as kindness, patience and respect can now be witnessed when they're with other animals, and quite brilliantly, with people too. 

Knowing about my love for our canine companions,, a site dedicated to the brilliance of dogs, recently got in touch with their '12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children' graphic, which I am only too happy to share here. Clearly, not everyone can have a dog (allergies, work, landlords etc), but I really believe in the benefits that a dog can bring to a family if lifestyle allows. So anyway, enough of my woofing, sorry, waffling, here's Jenny from HerePup with a little more on the subject...

Children easily fall in love with animals especially the domestic kind. Dogs are among their favorites. It does not matter what breed they are. As long as they have four legs, soft fur and they bark, kids will fall head over heels with them. As a matter of fact, a huge percent of pet lovers own a pet dog. A domestic canine is not just for companionship. There are a lot of benefits people can get from them that one can ever imagine.

The infographic below lists great and proven ways your child can benefit from dogs. With all these, they can actually help you raise your children. You guessed it; you will have a four-legged nanny in your household looking after your child if you decide to get a fur baby. This is something that no parent can take for granted.

By playing, your dog helps your kid become healthy and fit. You see, a little running for both of them will do them both good. Physical activity helps develop your kid’s endurance and stamina. And with a healthier body, he will be able to resist illnesses.

Then there is the fact that they can be the best of friends and their own security detail that can guard them. A pet dog can also provide the most memorable experiences for your young one. These are some of the amazing things that a pet dog can do for a kid.

The information offered on our infographic shows how dogs affect the lives of children in a positive way. They have a natural way of becoming your child’s teacher by imbuing him with the right manners while growing up. Read and share to other dog lovers!

12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children