Unless November is a birthday or anniversary month, then like me, you might see November as bit of a nothing month.  For me, November conjures up feelings of short dark days that just need to be hurried through so we can get to the merry festivities of December. The golden autumnal glow of October quickly fades into a lingering damp fog as our excitement this month peaks with a couple of Bonfire Night sparklers and checking the TV guide for the first sign of Elf (FYI, I will go berserk if Sky have got the rights again!)*



Nothing else really happens does it?

So that’s it: a damp, miserable, grey month with nothing to report on really. I’ll be signing off now. Please do check back for more blogs in a few days though, hopefully November can inspire a few words.

But wait a minute.

Hold your horses.

Something is happening this month.

Something enormous.

Something amazing.

Something spectacular.

Something so wonderfully unbelievable that long, positive words from the thesaurus can’t even get close to describing…



Excitement is literally building with every minute that passes and every piece of new-born clothing we unpack. It could come tonight, it could come tomorrow, it could come in a couple of weeks, but it’s definitely coming at some point this month; this cheery and wonderful month, November – the greatest of months!

New posts might be a little scarce in the coming weeks what with being knee-deep in nappies and discarded coffee cups but I'll do my best. I’ll certainly have an arsenal of material but perhaps not the time nor energy. Although actually, thinking about it, 4.00am might be the perfect time to write - one hand rocking the baby, one hand tapping the keyboard - wowzers, modern day dad or what?! Hmm, we'll see.

In the meantime, enjoy November! It’s going to be amazing.

*I think Sky have the rights. Gits.