My blogs have been very light this month (as in, there haven't been any) as my time has been spent writing pieces for other sites and publications. So I thought for now, I'd quickly share a post I loaded to Instagram this morning. 

The #twentythings (or #twentyfacts) craze is going pretty strong at the moment, especially in Instagram's parenting union. I've been tagged a couple of times to share mine, so here goes:

  1. I hate sweetcorn.
  2. Like, really hate it.
  3. I also hate tequila.
  4. My wife is called Georgia Day.
  5. My sister is called Georgia Day (thankfully, they're not the same person).
  6. I once tripped Sara Cox up onto all fours (by accident) in Fabric.
  7. I used to work in the city.
  8. I never really liked it, so to while away the hours I secretly wrote a 90,000 word novel - probably the real cause of the financial crash.
  9. My first love was Jet from Gladiators.
  10. I used to be the guitarist in a band.
  11. We thought we were the next KOL (before they went all mainstream and cheesy).
  12. But listening back now, we were more LOL than KOL.
  13. I'm right handed but I play pool left handed. I know, crazy right?!
  14. I'm the only guy I know who has a subscription to Elle Deco.
  15. My grandad played for Sheffield Wednesday.
  16. I'm veggie.
  17. When added together, I've spent approximately 17 years of my life hoovering dog hair.
  18. I thought I invented the word 'chillax'.
  19. I'd do anything for my kids.
  20. Except eat sweetcorn.