Piers Morgan has been at it again, this time using his prehistoric waffle to pick on Daniel Craig, who was spotted carrying his child in a papoose recently. Once more, he’s labelled men who carry their children this way as ‘emasculated’.

Check out Rachael Sigee’s great piece over on The Pool, she sums it up perfectly with the extract below… you might also spot a very cute baby on the article too (plus a very emasculated dad).

Morgan’s rant about papooses isn’t really about papooses at all. It’s about him attempting to protect a system of strict gender conditioning that has benefited him and continues to do so. It’s about perpetuating a set of stereotypical characteristics for masculinity that are unhelpful to all people – men, women and non-binary. It comes from a person who believes that masculinity is determined by totting up points awarded based on outdated notions of gender roles. And from a person who, evidently, when tiring of carrying his own child, didn’t require the help of a clever baby-carrying device; instead, he used the old-fashioned option – handing it to the nearest woman.