Back in the day, before babies and marriage, when I was hitting the London dating scene, I thought the odd bit of accessorising might make me stand out from a very busy crowd. You know, the odd bespoke chain here (with a photo of a dog – not even my dog might I add), a wrist full of beads there – a strong look I think you’ll agree! But whilst such adorning disasters may have been kicked to the fashion curb a long time ago, one timeless piece that will always remain in my accessorising arsenal is a decent watch.

Since childhood, through to now, my wrists have been decorated by an entire spectrum of watches. You know, rubbery superhero watches (childhood), fake chunky silver atrocities my mum brought back from a holiday in Turkey (teens), vintage sports/calculator (twenties) and now, just simple, stylish and classic pieces, as I move way too quickly through my 30s. 

Recently, JORD Wood Watches got in touch to see if I’d like to try one of their wooden watches. Now, like me, you might be thinking, a wooden watch? Well, if not, you probably are now. A. Wooden. Watch. I was intrigued so had a look through their collection and liked the look of their Frankie series. A couple of weeks later, it arrived.

Travelling all the way from the US of A, in a handmade wooden box, the packaging lent itself to feel a bit more organic and personable than other watches I’ve seen before, mass produced on a factory line for the high street.

The hand-crafted watch has an uncomplicated face and the wooden links reveal a distinctiveness thanks to the wood grain and natural contours. Like I said earlier, now I’m well into my 30s and appreciating the simpler and more classic designs in life, this watch fits that pattern;  a well-crafted strap and a simple face, that’s all I need really from a watch.

Have a look at the JORD site. For a chance to win a $75 e-gift code towards a watch, you can enter the following competition Even if you don’t win, you get a $20 e-gift card just for entering.  Tick bloody tock.

Good luck!

(This was a sponsored post by JORD Wood Watches).