PEW! PEW! Those are the familiar and feeble sounds I’ve made down the years as I’ve shaped my hands into a sci-fi blaster and pointed them in the direction of various unsuspecting targets; school friends, my long-suffering folks, my now long-suffering wife, my embarrassed kids and even the poor dog who might have inadvertently walked through the middle of a galactic space battle (the decking in the garden). But as convincing as I think my pathetic ‘pew pews’ are, in all honesty I’m not holding out much hope of a phone call from Lucas Film’s sound effects team without a lot more practice…

So, when Edie and I were invited to Lazer M.A.D.’s launch event at Bunker 51 in London, not only did I immediately know it would be an amazing opportunity to hone said pathetic sounds effects (you’ve got my number Lucas Films), but it would also be amazing fun… so we obviously jumped at the chance.


Edie and I arrived in South East London, dressed ready for combat; t-shirt, shorts and trainers – my camouflaged army gear might have been a little OTT against a bunch of primary-aged kids. We were then guided by our Squadron Leader (let’s call her Lucy, because that was her name) into the Mission Control Room before we were advised to boost our energy with supplies (squash and crisps) before being briefed on our dangerous assignments. Briefing over and it was time to get kitted up.

Our blasters wouldn’t have looked out of place on the Millennium Falcon or from the top of the old apple tree from where I used to take aim at my parents:

·         The Lazer M.A.D blasters are completely wireless for unrestricted play

·         They’re customisable – accessories can be added for increased accuracy and range (up to 50 metres)

·         There are different modes available (training and battle) with no limit on the number of players

·         The devices work using state of the art technology in the form of IR emitters and receivers, set in the targets

·         Targets can be strapped to the opponents clothing or other moving objects and include an LED indicator to show when a player has been shot

·         Realistic re-load and a trigger button for the ultimate battle experience

Blasters ready, we moved into the bunker area; a dark, damp space littered with barriers, hide-outs and an old truck, perfect for Edie and me to pick off unsuspecting waist high foes.

As the games went on, we both grew in confidence, Edie especially as she launched repeated kamikaze missions into the enemy’s base (it was either confidence or just sheer madness).

We played for two hours and during that time it was great to see Edie’s face light up with sheer joy - am I raising the next Rambo? I’m guessing not, but I’m definitely raising a young girl who loves to try new things, mix it with the boys and older children, and throw everything she has at challenges.

The games were fun and varied, with enough fantasy thrown into avoid any reality; the kids knew this was simply a fun game which tested accuracy, team work, and fitness (it definitely tested my fitness). You don’t need an underground bunker to have as much fun as Edie and I did, these would be perfect in the garden, and you can buy the blaster set from Smyths Toys here:

Brilliantly, we were gifted a blaster set from Mookie Toys to review and take home after the event, so my pathetic ‘pew pews’ can finally be replaced by something more realistic.

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