It’s nice to treat the kids isn’t it? Whether it’s a small toy or a bit of chocolate, I’ve always been one to reward my children. It might be because they’ve behaved well, tidied their rooms, not wrestled for ten minutes, or perhaps I simply woke up on the right side of bed that day, but I like to think the odd small treat now and again doesn’t hurt.


If I can, I also like to revisit my childhood with such rewards, a nostalgic way of bringing us together. Nothing beats a bit of wistfulness now I’m knocking on a bit, so thankfully treats like, collector’s cards and football stickers always go down well, as do chocolatey treats from my youth.

Fittingly, this year Cadbury have launched an exciting new range featuring of everyone’s favourite little chocolate frog from days gone by, Freddo. Yes indeed, Freddo is back, but this time the brand new Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Treasures feature Freddo’s purple treasure chest, that’s packed full of delicious ‘treasure’ and a toy/game that’s the perfect little reward for your little adventurer.


The toys are made up of Freddo’s pals who are on worldly missions to uncover hidden treasures. Well, from this day forth, Freddo can add my kids to his list of adventurers, because if you’ve followed any of my channels for a while, you’ll know how much Edie and Arlo love being outside creating their own exhilarating voyages. Throw some chocolate plunder into their quests and you’ve basically created the most epic of adventures.

We journey out into the forbidding unknown (the local woods) everyday, battling the elements over land and sea (ok, just land, scooters aren’t great on the village pond), guided only by our two trusty beasts (the dogs). Only today, the kids took on a titanic quest for riches, climbing mountainous regions (fallen trees), navigating their way through treacherous caves (piled up sticks and logs) as they sought the chocolatey cache of Freddo Treasures strategically hidden by their sworn enemy, er, me.

It didn’t take much for my two to find the treasures, and before long they were tucking into their reward. We always have a lot of fun on our everyday adventures, but a little extra reward like what my explorers experienced today, can just add that little extra fun to what then becomes a memorable experience.

If you’d like to create your own treasure finding adventure, you can win 20 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Treasures by entering the competition over on my Instagram post which can be found here: