PHWOAR! Sex! Wahey! Oi oi! We’re all at it aren’t we? Candles dotted around the boudoir, some chilled wine sipped suggestively as we sprawl across the chaise lounge, anticipating a long night of hot, steamy passion.

Or not.

Let’s face it, we’ve all got kids now. We all work hard in our careers and/or at home, keeping on top of the mountains of very unsexy underwear that needs washing, and well, we’re all just bloody knackered. Instead of lying in bed having sex, we’re on our phones doing the Ocado shop. Sadly, sex these days tends to be a very discreet 10-minutes (if we’re lucky) whilst the kids are busying themselves downstairs with Netflix on a Saturday morning. Ah, romance, who said it was dead?

I’m sure we’d all love to be having the sexy sex, but modern life has just kind of got in the way hasn’t it? And so, because of that, should we make more of the unsexy regular sex? Should we talk and laugh about it more, have an open dialogue with our partners and even our friends so we can feel, well, more normal?

Well three very funny and talented ladies, calling themselves The Hotbed Collective certainly think we should…

Journalists Lisa Williams (ex- Press Association, Tatler and TantrumXYZ), Anniki Sommerville (Selfish Mother) and Cherry Healey (Inside The Factory, Letters to My Fanny) are launching their podcast The Hotbed this Valentine’s Day to encourage funny and open conversation about the kind of sex we’re all having. I’ve met Lisa before and she was instantly likeable, intelligent and witty. Anniki is the female equivalent of me (editor at Selfish Mother), so she’s obviously amazing, and we all know Cherry off the telly box; she seems a lot of fun but can also be frank when a subject requires – perfect for this. Take these three, get them talking about sex and John Travolta, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a great podcast.

The series itself consists of 8 episodes, with a mixture of conversation and live show footage featuring a host of personalities - I’ll definitely be tuning in for episodes 2 and 6 having seen what they’re called; ‘The Dangerwank’ and ‘I’d Like Something Up My Bottom Please’… you just don’t get this stuff on Loose Women do you?

The show is targeted at women, but gents, do have a listen too! It really is funny and not in any way intimidating. Plus, let’s be honest, it’ll probably do us a lot of good to hear how the women in our lives view sex these days. Maybe, just maybe that quickie with Blaze and the Monster Machines blaring out downstairs, might require a rethink.

You can listen to The Hotbed here:

iTunes link: https://apple.co/2FMA2td

Acast link (for android phones): https://www.acast.com/thehotbed

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