You’re expecting. You’ve got nine months to come up with a baby name. If you find out the sex after 20 weeks the job is made slightly easier by narrowing it down to one gender but it’s still a gargantuan task. A name is such a special consideration to those connected to it, none more so than the baby itself. Appearance will change, personality will change but a name will remain, through life and death (I’m purposely overlooking deed pole here). So when new parents announce they haven’t finalised a name yet (despite me knowing first-hand the magnitude of the task), I’m left a little perplexed.

No such delays from Fearne Cotton this morning as she announced the birth of her new baby on Instagram, Honey Krissy Wood. Fairly fresh and reasonably rare avoiding the now undistinguished common baby name lists we see published once a year. But her news and my immediate thoughts towards new names reminded me of the pressures of such an announcement (especially as we're going to have to announce our new baby name in a few weeks).  There's a subconscious deliberating that takes place... 'yeah we love the name, but so and so will probably take the piss'. Swift knee-jerk reactions to baby names are normal, it’s our human nature to critique new information and new connections - sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. I’m sure our friends had a response when we announced Edie to the world nearly three years ago. Actually I know they did, one person thought we’d had a son and misspelt Eddie! 

Upon each new name announcement people can be guilty of thinking ‘ooh I didn’t like a girl at school called that’, or ‘that was my evil boss’ name’ and then immediately that poor innocent new born is labelled with unjust negativity. With the bland old days of Colin and Brenda seemingly behind us and with so many obscure names now, we should show more restraint and embrace any hint of assortment even if we already associate with that name.

So from now on, let’s all agree to celebrate each and every baby name yeah?! Hurray to every baby name from now on! It doesn't matter if Whatshisface you knew when you were twelve stole your lunch money or if that obscure name you've just heard isn't really your cup of tea.

I’m pretty sure the names we have in mind for our second baby will secretly be lampooned, but who cares, we love them! At least we have them sorted, we have had nine months to do it after all…