Anyone who has ever followed my online journey, will know that before the endless pictures of kids as it is now, my social feeds were dominated by my dogs. Unfortunately, due to said kids, the dogs have been relegated to the odd post now and again, but I’d like to think it’s still clear to an outsider what a huge part they play in our family. Bella and Blue are the furry glue that keeps our family unit ticking along. They get us outside (even in the worst weather), they provide loyal companionship, endless love, and well, they’re just darn adorable.

Luckily, I work from home so I get to spend more time with them than most working dog owners, and I try to take them with me if I need to go out, but there are obviously occasions when they can’t join me.

So, when I was asked to try the Furbo Dog Camera, I jumped (down boy!) at the chance. I’ve been keen to try a dog camera for a while for a few reasons; namely to see that the dogs are safe and happy when I’m not at home, but also, I suppose, curiosity – what do they do when I go out?


The device and accompanying app were simple to set up. A quick addition to the home wifi network and voila, I could see our sitting room. Before really putting the Furbo to the test, I tried the treat-giving function to ensure it wouldn’t have one of the dog’s eyes out (I can report both dogs still have their eyes) and then added both dogs to the app, providing their key data and a photo, a nice touch to personalise the app. But enough of the faffing around at home, the real test for the app and device would be to examine its capabilities once I’d left the house and the dogs were alone.

I took a short drive to our village coffee shop, sat down with my drink and fired up the app. And there it was, in all its glory, my sitting room again. But no dogs. To answer my own earlier question, what do the dogs do when I’m out, well, seemingly not that much. The sitting room (their favourite room) was still, there was no noise and I even begun to wonder if the app was working correctly. So, it was time to put the two-way audio to the test. The Furbo’s inbuilt audio enabled me to give the dogs a little call. Those swigging coffee around me threw me a peculiar look as I called out their names, but it worked; a few seconds later they appeared! To reward them for their excellent recall that had travelled over the cyber-waves, it was time to reward them with a treat. With a simple swipe of my finger on my phone, the Furbo released some treats for them, much to the delight of Bella and Blue.


The Furbo was a huge success and since that initial test has been used multiple times, each time providing me with imagery, sound, and importantly comfort when I haven’t been with them.

You can check the Furbo out over at: (use code adayinthelifedad50 to get £50 off)