If you saw my post back in February where I detailed my Health MOT with Nuffield Health and hoped to rid my #gymhibitions, you would have seen the tests aren’t just a one hit wonder, they’re repeated on an ongoing basis to track any health changes. Well, this week I was back for round two.


Going into the Health MOT I was relaxed and confident of an improvement. I’m pleased to say that any #gymhibitions I had no longer exist and thanks to my sessions at Nuffield Health I feel on top of my exercise regime, my diet, hydration, alcohol intake and much more.


Since my first Health MOT I’ve been going to the gym 1-3 times per week (usually for an hour doing half cardio, half strength work), but also the tests I took with my PT really inspired me to incorporate other forms of exercise into my lifestyle. So, I’m now also jogging 3 times a week and have joined a 6-a-side football team playing to a high standard once per week. Despite the score from my first Health MOT actually being quite good for a man approaching 40 who preferred the TV to the treadmill, the easy to understand tests and being able to talk about health and exercise in layman’s terms with my PT has really inspired my new thirst for a healthier lifestyle.

The follow-up Health MOT consisted of the same tests as my first one, and here’s how I got on:


·         Height – same (phew, I’m getting older but it’s nice to know I’m not shrinking yet)

·         Weight – heavier (but read on!)

·         BMI – improvement

·         Hip to waist ratio – same (so despite being heavier, it hasn’t gone to by belly – yes!)

·         Blood pressure – improvement

·         Aerobic fitness – improvement

·         Resting heart rate – improvement

·         Cholesterol – improvement

·         Blood glucose – improvement

·         Hydration – improvement

·         Alcohol consumption – improvement

·         Caffeinated drinks – same (any parent will agree this isn’t going to be changing for a while)

·         Sleep – same (see above!)

·         Overall Health Score – improvement

·         Wellbeing Action Points – nothing flagged

To say I’m proud of my results is an understatement. I’m absolutely delighted and can only thank my time with Nuffield Health for this improvement.

What’s more, I came away from the Health MOT on a high, wanting to push myself further to ensure that when I return for my next test, my score will once again see some improvement.

2019 could have been another year in my life where I used excuses like being a busy parent to fuel my #gymhibitions, but I’m pleased to report that a quarter of the way through the year, 2019 won’t be anything like that. I’m determined to continue on this healthier pathway.

You too could see such improvements. If I can do it, so can you. You can book your free Health MOT and also get a free trial day by visiting