I'm Jamie DAY (hence, A DAY In The Life - see what I've done there, clever right?) I'm dad/climbing frame/ponytail fixer/Lego master builder to Edie and Arlo and I'm also an award winning blogger – no, really! I won Best Baby Blog at the MAD Awards 2016 (yeah, yeah, I’m still dining out on that one over three years later) and in 2018 I was nominated for Parenting Influencer of the Year 2018 in the Little London Magazine Awards.

I'm also a freelance writer and have written for GQ Magazine, Vogue and the BBC amongst others, and I regularly collaborate with some fantastic independent and global brands. I've also previously worked as Editor as part of Molly Gunn’s brilliant Selfish Mother.

I host a podcast called Man Talk, which is raising awareness about men's mental health, normalising the conversation and removing dated and damaging stigmas. The podcast is a top 10 iTunes show and also featured in the New & Noteworthy global listings.

I'm also a Social Media Consultant and I'm available if you require campaign strategy advice, training or management. I’ve worked on a consultancy basis with brands such as Ella’s Kitchen, Johnson & Johnson’s and Wonderbly.

My life online promotes modern-day fatherhood, family fun, mental health awareness, and educating people about climate change and animal welfare. Offline, I'm interested in music, fashion, football and creative writing, but above all, spending time with my wife, Georgia, our dogs and of course our children, Edie and Arlo.

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